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Person Centered Services, Putting You First

Integrity Supports & Services, LLC respects your values and puts you and your family at the center of your services and supports. We support your preferences and needs, and are committed to working together to provide the services and supports you desire.

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Developmental Disabilities Services

Integrity Supports & Services, LLC provides an array of services and supports to empower people to be safe, healthy, and happy in their home in the community.

Integrity Supports & Services, LLC provides the following services:

Extended Family Home

The goal is to match the customer with a family or person who provides personalized and quality services and supports. Integrity Supports & Services, LLC focuses on finding the right match for clients so that they have similar interests and can learn in the natural setting of their home. Extended Family Home Providers focus on increasing independence and daily living skills in a family-like or roommate-like setting. It is a win-win situation for the provider and for the person receiving services as this setting offers the least restrictive, most natural living environment. Extended Family Home Providers help people achieve the highest degree of life satisfaction and personal goals. The individual becomes part of a family and community.

In-Home Residential

Person centered services provided for as long as the customer and/or family prefers. Integrity Supports & Services focuses on finding a staff member that has the same interests and fits in well with the customer’s preferences, family, and lifestyle. The staff member teaches and supports the client with daily living skills, community inclusion, positive behavior support and any other goals the customer has.

In-Home Residential Services offers a flexibility of supports and habilitation that change as the customer’s needs change. This service is offered in the customer’s home or their family home and out in the community.


Respite service is provided to people for a short-term, temporary basis for the relief of the usual caregiver(s) living in the same private residence. Respite includes assistance with activities of daily living (ADL), health maintenance, and supervision. Respite is provided in the caregiver’s home, the staff’s home, and/or in the community.

Pre-Vocational Services

Our staff provide learning and work experiences, including career planning, and job searching where the participant can develop general skills that contribute to future employability in paid integrated community settings.

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If you want to take advantage of any of our services for your loved one, you can reach us at 402-706-0772 or mcolvin@integritysupportsandservices.com